Posted on: April 27, 2008 5:17 pm

Just a quick Post defending NFL Coaches

As I sit and watch the last round of the draft on ESPN and listen to the ESPN correspondants talk about the Packers I look up from my Fantasy Baseball scores and shake my head. They sit around their table in New York and begin to discuss how in the world can Packers Coach Mike Mccarthy say that he belives his team will be even better than last year. First of all they probobly will be better at every postition besides QB because of Brett Favre's retirement. Second of all how could a head coach come out and say "I think our team is going to be worse than we were last year and that we will probably lose in the first or second round of the playoffs." Even though the 49's will probably finish in the cellar of their divsion yet again this year Coach Mike Nolan will most likely say publicaly that he belives his team will be better this year and that they belive they will take their division and can go to the Super Bowl. Coaches have to say this. They have to say this because despite their teams talent they have to belive their team is the best and want to win the Super Bowl every year. Maybe these professonals should think about what coaches a coaches job is and not just the facts.
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