Posted on: October 23, 2008 4:34 pm

Week 8

Well I havnt written in a while so I figured i would come out of my shell and Share my opinions. Last week the Patriots destroyed the Broncos by using the run game very effecticely because of a great performance by Sammy Morris and as the game went on passed the ball more often to effectively trick the Broncos D Cordinator. Anyway last week is old news and we get to play the hot Rams this sunday. Since when are the Pats expected to lost to the Rams what is this 2001, 2002? whats going on? Anyway the Rams have pulled out 2 in a row but i dont think us Pats fans have anything to worry about since Martin Gramatica probley has a better arm than Brad Johnson and is probly a better QB all around. Theres no doubt in my mind that without Romo, Packman, (yes he will always be Pacman to me that dirtbag) and the Dallas Defenses other stars that the Pats could beat the Cowboys under the current circumstances. I'm predicting a good game this sunday with the Pats beating the Rams by a margin of 17 with a final score of 31-14. I think Matt Cassel with throw for TDs to Moss and Welker and the running game will have another good game thanks to Jordan, Faulk and maybe Morris if he is able to play. I feel if Cassel loses this game or does not play well that there will be talks of getting O'connel prepared for the coming weeks but I expect Belicheck to most likely ride Cassel to the playoffs and finish the season 12-4 or 11-5. Well see what sunday brings. go pats!



Posted on: October 2, 2008 8:51 pm


Well I was just watching NESN and the guys were talking about our boy Lawrence Maroney. They said he should be back this week and were comparing him to Marion Barber, saying he was injury prone and a bunch of other stuff, So I figured I would talk about the guy. LM is an average running back I feel the Pats drafted him to be a number one back but have found that he is the type of guy who is better with a couple other guys getting equal carries. Thats why I feel the Pats should look at the end of this season to get a good Number one Back and get rid of everyone else except Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris because Morris is a good Backup and Faulk is a great third down back who catches everything. I was just wondering how fellow fans felt about Maroney and figured I would ask, What do you guys think?


Posted on: October 2, 2008 8:45 pm


What now? After a loss to Miami some say it looks bleak for us Pats fans and that the Patriot Dynasty is over, or at least at a hiatus. But I disagree and not only because I'm a Pats fan but because isn't this exactly how our dynasty began. Everyone remember the mighty Mo Lewis' hit on Bledsoe and it looked like it was all over for a strong Pats team, but then came this backup QB named Brady who was picked not in the 1st or 2nd round but in the 6th and who didn't start at Michegan but backed up Brian Greise and only played a few minutes of garbage time here and there, but the Pats drafted him and had enough confidence after Beledsoe's injury to start him and they won a super bowl and became one of the most successful football teams and dynastys in history. (behind the Packers and Niners to name a few of coarse) We all know the story and many of you hate the Patriots and Brady for whatever reason and I am not saying that Matt Cassel or Kevin O'Connel is going to be Tom Brady and win the super bowl, But it's possible. I believe that because this team was built for success, because this team is coached by Bill Belicheck and we know how to win football games that you can never EVER count the Pats out. Even after a loss to the lowly Dolphins dont underestimate the Pats, we eat our humble pie each week and remember we love being the underdogs.

-Jabar Gaffney

Posted on: September 25, 2008 3:25 pm

The Patriots

I will never give up on my team until it is impossible to make the playoffs so I hate it when people doubt my Pats. I feel If Cassel isn't right for the job that in a few weeks we have a great QB straight out of college named Kevin O'connel. This kid was looked very highly upon to be selected in the mid rounds by the Pats when Tom Brady looked to be ready to march to the Super Bowl. I think the Pats may bring in a Veteran arm like Testeverde to help out the rook and then get him going if things look bleak around week 6-7. The kid was good in college and he can run. Before the season the Pats were looked at to go around 14-2 or 12-4 so if O'connel or Cassel can play decent football with that supporting cast and if the Defense can straighten up I can definatally see 10-11 wins and being a Pats fan of course a trip to Tampa for theSuper Bowl.


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