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Posted on: April 14, 2008 10:11 pm

Barry Bonds

I am just curious as to how everyone feels about Bonds being a free agent and peoples thoughts on weather or not he would be a great fit and Seattle and if the Mariners should sign him. I for one have loved Bonds since he entered the league and he has been my favorite player for years. I know many are opposed to Bonds for obvious reasons and I understand this but no matter how you feel about the man if you put your feelings aside and forget about the steroids you must admit the man is a great ballplayer. Last year with bad knees and limited playing time he hit 28 homers hit over .270 with around 70 RBI's and still had a great .OBP doing so while still playing over 100 games and playing in the field not even as a DH. So if he was signed by the Mariners and played DH everyday for that team would a .280 average with 70 RBI's and 60 runs maybe more be a stretch? I dont see why not. I feel if Bonds was signed by the Mariners he wouldn't cause a problem off the field because he couldn't afford to. The man wants to play baseball and would most likely avoid the media and stay out of trouble. I feel that despite who the player is if signing him would be of best intrest for your team why not do so and take a risk? In todays age you could even structure his contract to make sure his trial would not interfere with anything.

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